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Season 2001 from Ralph Hummerich
for & GPxPatch v2.03
This is not a common carset but a try to simulate the real Formula 1 season of 2001.

Author: Ralph Hummerich (rhummerich@debitel.net)
Homepage: http://www.emacf1.com/rh
hardware-software conversion and installer made by
Matthias Marquardt.
Helmets all based on Jan Frischkorn's season 2001 helmets
Carshape by Jaap

Package Contents:

105 car-liveries, including normal cars, nontobacco cars, all special car versions we have seen during this season (e.g. in Monza, Indianapolis). The very most changes in car-designs are included too (lots of Jaguars and Minardis etc.)
21 cockpit-liveries
145 pitcrew and jackmen-graphics
15 different helmet-files
17 different performance files with driver- and team-names
2 tyre types [Bridgestone and Michelin-tyre graphics]


a full GP3 Season 2000 Installation
installation of GPxPatch v2.03+ (to run the carset)

What it does:

What it does not:

  • Together with GPxPatch 2.02 this set provides single car sets performance-data and driver/team-name data for each track with only one installation. That means you don't have to install a new car set when you want to enter a "non-tobacco"-track. You just select the track you want to drive on and GPxPatch loads the right cars and data for this track automatically.
  • The performance data are very close to the real season 2001 qualifying and race-results so you can play your part in the last Formula 1 season.
  • All changes of drivers (Frentzen <-> Alesi, Frentzen <-> Zonta, Burti <-> Mazzacane etc.) are already included and will happen where they really happened in real F1. You don't need to change anything yourself in your game for that.
  • It DOES supports common championship seasons with GP3's championship mode. All driver-changes and performances will be where they were in the real 2001 season, e.g. Zonta in Montral and Hockenheim instead of Frentzen. Yoong for Marques for Monza, Indianapolis and Suzuka etc. For the limitations in using championship-season-mode please refer to the FAQs.
  • When you modify the team and/or the driver name you want to drive in the gp3 driver-menu, then this will have NO effect. Because all this data is loaded with the track, the game will overwrite all your settings in the driver menu. Driver menu is no longer connected with the ingame.
  • It does not provide the track order of 2001 (and you should NOT use GPxTrack to get the right order!!!).
  • It does not include team or menu-arts. So you will not have 2001 driver-pictures in the driver-menu and you will not have the right cars on starting-grid screen. (You can download & install fitting menu arts & starting-grid cars in a seperate package)

Downloadable files from Ralph Hummerich
   [Hardware Mode*  [Software Mode*
 Files   Size   Date   Files   Size   Date 
 Cars, Helmets etc..

[generic 2001 carshape] 
rh2001HW.zip [13.6MB]
17 Nov 01 rh2001SW.zip [9.6MB] 29 Oct 01
The Installer contains all Car's, Helmet's, Pitcrews, Tyres and Performance Data, Team and Driver Names & a generic Season 2001 carshape The Installer contains all Car's, Helmet's, Tyres and Performance Data, Team and Driver Names & a generic Season 2001 carshape
Requirements [Please READ! + FAQ is available]:
Installation: Selfextracting Installer - Just extract the downloaded file unzip it and start the EXE. When it reports that some files where write protected press "yes" to overwrite them. When all files have been copied a BATCH will be automaticaly executed, which set's the WRITE PROTECTION on the installed files.
Running the Carset: This Carset containing 101 car liveries in order to use them, you must have GPxPatch v2.03 installed on your GP3 Season 2000 Directory. This is a real-time extension for GP3 & GP3 2000 that includes features like a track manager, extending save games, taking screenshots, and more. Check out the details about this great Tool at the GPxPatch HomePage.
You can download GPxPatch from: http://www.xs4all.nl/~rsdi/download.html#gpxpatch

After you have installed GPxPatch v2.03 and this Season 2001 Carset you just can USE the carset by starting the link "Season 2001 (by R.Hummerich)" which could be found on your desktop and in your windows start menu "Grand Prix 3 Season 2000" group.


  1. Run GPxPatch and click on "Arts"-tab
  2. Enable "Season Set" and Disable "Car shape"
  3. Use the folder button to browse to your gpxpdata-directory and select the file "rh2001_season.set". [e.g. C:\Program Files\Games\GrandPrix Season 2000\gpxpdata] The textbox should now show the text: "rh2001_season.set"
  4. Either click "Quit" to return to Windows or click "Start GPx" to start the game.


MenuArts: See Tutorial How2ImportMenuArts fo GP3 Season 2000.

Check out the previews of this Season 2001 Package

Any Problems? - Then PLEASE READ the FAQ before sending us a email !

To get the FULL advance:
 File   Size   Date 
Additional MenuArt
[Menu Addon]
AOArt01_v1_js.zip [5.7MB] 17 Oct 01
This Season 2001 MenuArts are containing ALL 11-Team's including new Rotating Disks! [from Ralph's Co-Author Jouko Saarinen - Jouko's Website http://koti.mbnet.fi/eclipse/]
Requirements [Please READ!]:
Installation: Download ArtTool-2000. Expand the TeamMenuArts first - Then load the Jouko2001_2k.TAS [TeamArtSet] File via the Option "Install Team Art Set File" from the File Menu. Wait till all MenuArt images gets imported [see status bar]. That's It! - enjoy GP3 Season 2000 with EMAC's Season 2001 MenuArts. [A detailed description How2Import2kMenuArts could be found at the Install Instruction page.]

* What Mode do I need ?
You can use the [Hardware] version if you having a 3D Accelerator Card which will by supported by GP3 in any other case you need the [Software] version (then in GP3 Main Menu : Options : Graphics : Render Device just 'Software 3d' appear in the list).

Having problems with the DOWNLOAD?

Think about, that almost everybody wants to get this carset asap !

So the website is extremely busy right now - might be, that you have to try it for a while before you can download the files completely.

Normally the average download volume of the website was 5GB a day - so please be patient - and thanks have go to the sponsors of emac's side [they are paying your download]

PLEASE do NOT send us a email, if you have download trouble - the files are there - but it might be, that they are tough to get.

- FAQ - [Please READ carefully before sending us a email...]

Q: I select "my" driver in the driver menu and replaced his name with mine or a different name. When I am on the track, I am sitting in the right car, but my name is not there, but still the old one.
A: GPxPatch patches the game with the driver data while the track is loading. This means that it will overwrite all changes (excepts "select") you made in the driver menu. If you want a different (or your own) name in the game instead of the original driver's one, you need to edit the performance-file by yourself. You can do this by two ways:
- Either run Marc Aart's GP32000Edit and load the track-performance-file from the gpxpdata/performance-directory. Simply replace the selected driver's name with your own, save the file - done
- OR go to your gpxpdata/performance-directory, search the track-performance-file you want to edit (don't worry, they are all simple.txt-files) and open it with notepad. Now search for the driver-name you want to change and replace it with your own. Save the file - done.

The next time you are entering the track your name will be here.

Note: If you want to have your name on every track you have to do this for all 17 performance-files.

Q: I am playing a regular championship-season using GP3's championship-season-mode. But the tracks are still in the season 2000 order.
A: This season set does not provide the 2001 track order (maybe next versions will). So the last race will be Sepang. To change this please use cmagic by Marc Aarts, supported by GPxPatch.

Q: I am playing a regular championship-season using GP3's championship-season-mode. But on the 4th race (Silverstone) De La Rose replaced Burti in Jaguar and Burti replaced Mazzacane in Prost. In real F1 season 2001 this changes happened on the 5th GP in Spain. In the last race (Sepang) I have Mazzacane back and Burti in Jaguar and no De La Rosa at all.
A: This happens, because the track order is still like 2000. 2001 Sepang was the 2nd race in 2001 and the changes didn't take place yet. To change this please use cmagic by Marc Aarts, supported by GPxPatch.

Q: I am playing a regular championship-season using GP3's championship-season-mode. But there seems to be something wrong with the points. After a driver-change, the new driver has the points of the one he replaced (and the other way around at Frentzen<->Alesi-change).
A: This is a limitation which can't be changed by this season set nor by GPxPatch. The driver points are linked with the driver's "slot" or the car drives. So after Hockenheim, Trulli gets all the Points that Frentzen has earned so far, Alesi gets all the points Trulli has earned so far and Frentzen gets all the Points that Alesi has earned so far. Same for points of all the other changed drivers. There is no way to avoid this except to make your own championship season without using GP3's championship-season-mode.

For a fully simulation I recommend to race single GrandPrix and save the results by using GP3's safe-in -txt-option. You can calculate the points of drivers and teams by yourself then. This way you will have the right track-order as well as no points-mismatch.

Q: In driver menu I don't have the right driver pictures, e.g. Häkkinen is named Schumacher, Coulthatd Barrichello etc. The rotating disk don't match the team either.
A: This season set DOES not include team -and menu-arts. For getting the right pictures and rotating disks to the right drivers and right teams, you must install a menu-arts set. I recommend the menu-and team-arts by Jouko Saarinen which matches best with the graphics of this set.

Q: I have the wrong cars in starting-grid-screen and in car-setup-screens.
A: This season set DOES not include grid cars and carsetup-graphics.. For getting the right cars and setup-graphics for the right drivers and right teams, you must install a menu-arts set. I recommend the menu-and team-arts by Jouko Saarinen which matches best with the graphics of this set.

Q: My pitcrew looks ugly and has wrong colors (except the jackman).
A: Enable the "high-resolution-pitcrews" in the GP3 graphic-options menu (Hardware only).

Q: When I enter my pit, I have no pitcrew but only my jackman, lollyman and rearjackman. The other teams have full pitcrew.
A: This has nothing to do with the season set, but seems to be a bug inGP3 2000 itself.

Q: When I run the game, I have Schumacher in a McLaren and Häkkinen in a Ferrari etc. Driver names seem to be correct.
A: You must run the game out of GPxPatch 2.02, elso the car-liveries won't get loaded.

Q: I run the game out of GPxPatch, but I still have Schumacher in a McLaren.
A: Please check your GPxPatch-settings and correct them if needed.

Q: Cars vanish from the track, get invisible and appear back on some track-spots. This is happening on all tracks., or I can't see all cars at the race-start.
A: Please check if the helmet files in the ..gp3jamsh\liveries\rh2001\helmets-directory and the helmet files in the gp3jams\liveries\rh2001\helmets-directory are write-protected. If they are not, please enable write-protection by right clicking on the filename and choosing "properties" from the pop-up-menu. ALL helmets files MUST be write-protected.

Q: The bargeboards of the Wiliams and Jordan cars are completely black, on BAR and Ferrari they are partly black and I can see many black parts on other cars too.
A: This black is meant to be transparent and the black parts should be invisible in the game. Obviously you are using a RIVA TNT2 or a Voodoo 3 2000 graphics-adapter. These cards do not support transparency in the game. There is no solution for this, sorry!

Q: Game crashes after or while loading the track.
A: Obviously there are some files of the season-set missing. Please install the set again. [if you are running software mode - please check this too!]

Q: When I watch cars in rain or in pitlane I notice, that some cars have red rear-lights, and some don't have. Is this a bug?
A: It's a bug in GP3 2000 itself. Only the first cars of each team (carnumber 1, 3, 5, 7,...., 21) have working rearlights. The second cars of each team (carnumbers 2, 4, 6, 8, ...., 22) haven't.

Q: I have strange results in qualifying sessions. Some drivers are better than they should be, some are slower than they should be.
A: GP3 2000 uses some randomizing routines which can't be influenced. So the performance-data of this season-set will be slightly changed by GP3 2000 every time. This can lead to weird results. I have tested this for a long time and it seems that there is no solution for that. The performance-patching is meant to provide one file for the whole season. To prevent boredom, the game randomizes all values to avoid that you will get the same results on each track. For the purpose of this season-set, this is very contraproductive, because it makes it impossible to get the "real" results.

Q: I am using GPxTrack to get the correct Season 2001 Track order - but then not the correct car's will be loaded for the track.
A: Unfortunately GPxTrack and GPxArt are not connected to each other -> Via GPxArt you can specify which cars should be loaded for which SLOT. The carset is designed in that way, that it will work correctly with the Track order of the Original GP3 Season 2000. When you modify the track order via GPxTrack, then GPxArt still loads the cars for the original Slot. - A quick example: In GP3 Season 2000 Track slot no.6 is the European GP - so GPxArt loads for the sixth race the cars, drivers and performance which are specified for this race (cars06.set) - When you now use GPxTrack to load the correct track for slot no. 6 (the Austrian GP), then GPxTrack of course loads the correct Track (if you have used CMagic2000 in order to add the additional track data) - BUT GPxArt still loads the cars, drivers and performance which are specified via cars06.set -> and that's the cars for the European GP.

Q: I am using the Software Mode and I realize, that the game hang's up while loading the Track, but this just happens not for all Track's - e.g. Hockenheim is working - but Monza NOT!
A: When you use GPxPatch v2.02 with the Ralph's season set in SOFTWARE Mode, then you have to DISABLE in the "Advance graphic options" the "use high detailed track" checkbox! Then all tracks will work fine.