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Carset Creator 4 http://carsetcreator.grandprix-x.com/ link 16 Aug 2002
- Modify team settings
- Modify all available cars, pit crew, helmets
- Support all operating systems that Grand Prix 4 supports
- Make small carsets
- Modify the points system

- Modify team settings
- Modify all available cars, cockpits, pit crew, helmets, team art, wheel graphics
- Support all operating systems that Grand Prix 4series supports
- Make small carsets
- Make it easy to have the latest version
- Be available in multiple languages

GPxPatch v3.30 http://www.xs4all.nl/~rsdi/gpxpatch.html link 08 Jan 2003
It's a real-time extension for GP4 that includes features like a track manager, extending save games, taking screenshots, and more. Check out the Details about this great Tool at the GPxPatch HomePage.

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official Patch v9.6 gp4_patch_v9.6.zip [5.45MB] 22 Nov 2002
List of Bugs that have been fixed in V9.6:
1. The game will install and run perfectly well at the first launch. If the player quits the game and then returns at a later date the game will not run again.
2. In the Drivers' select screen, Panis and Villeneuve's names are swapped: Panis's photograph is displayed with Villeneuve's name and vice-versa.
3. Season 2001 cars and drivers: Alex Yoong has the wrong helmet in the game. He has been given Tarso Marques' helmet.
4. The BAR cars have swapped numbers. In the game Jacques Villeneuve car has number 9 and Olivier Panis number 10. In the actual entry list for the F1 season 2001, Jacques Villeneuve's car was entered as number 10 and Olivier Panis' car as number 9.
5. After a user plays the game for a while and then returns to the main menu he will find the mouse cursor is unusable, flickering and jumping uncontrollably across the screen. This prevents the user from entering and typing in filenames and selecting any other options.
6. Pits drop down monitor: In hotseat mode, while qualifying, when you change player, while viewing the drop down monitor in the pits, it displays the wrong laptimes/drivers.
7. Best lap time in qualifications: Sometimes the game will post wrong lap/qual times in the skybox messages. Skybox show a new fastest lap/pole time set by player A, but it displays the wrong lap time, the one just beaten. The displaying of the beaten pole time seems only to happen when the player beats a pole time he himself has set previously or set by an AI.
8. Car's mirrors when changing player: If it is the second players turn, and the first was in the pits when play was handed over, the mirrors on the car are not updated properly in helmet camera view. The car changes, and it is placed in the correct garage, yet the mirrors will display the previous pit crew men and garage.
9. MPH displayed in KPH: If Imperial units are selected in the menu setup, then speed is shown in Miles Per Hour (MPH). If the player then watches a replay with TV overlays on, then the speed measured in the speed traps is displayed in the TV overlays in Kilometres Per Hour (KPH).
10. Used tyres displayed in hexa-decimal on the LCD screen: When player selects used tyres from the steering wheel, the tyre menu displays the amount of laps the tyre has been used for in hexa-decimal. For instance, 26 laps is displayed as 1A. When the tyre is selected and the player returns to the main menu on the steering wheel, the number of laps driven is displayed correctly.
11. Car set up display: Car set up of two drivers are not displayed correctly: for Pedro de la Rosa the car set up available in driver screen is Alex Young's for Alex Young the car set up available in driver screen is Thomas Enge's.
12. When the player has activated the dynamic light at the maximum resolution, then when the game loads the race (for example Monte Carlo race on non race championship mode during the qualifying or the race), the player has a back to windows. GE FORCE 3 Ti500.
13. TV overlay bugs:
13.1. When cars went into the garages some driver names would subsequently sometimes be displayed as a series of blanks(squares) and no timing information.
13.2. The intermediate and finish line displays were intermittent.
13.3. If the pole holder went into the garages then other cars times would be compared to their own times instead of the pole time, with the driver name on both sides of the screen (implying that there is not yet a pole lap)
13.4. There was no split time difference display for the intermediate 1 and 2 positions.
13.5. The pole holder name and data appeared on the right side of the screen (left in real life) and so the "viewed car" data was displayed on the left when the intermediate 1 and 2 screens were displayed. However when the car crossed the line the FINISH LINE display had the "viewed car" data on the right of the screen (as in real life). So the "viewed car" data would be on the left for intermediates and on the right when it crossed the line.
13.6. The times stayed on the screen too long (for 16 seconds) and became too far away from the actual track positions. Real life durations of 8 seconds have been put in.
13.7. This patch fixed a crash to desktop caused by missing pit-props (objects that the pitcrew use). If the pitcrew was just out of sight then it could cause a crash.
List of Bugs that have not been reproduced after installation of the patch V9.6 (should be fixed):
1. The game will install fully. When the player launches for the first time the Safe disk splash screen appears, then the program will drop to the windows desktop. Sometimes the program will show a full black screen before dropping out.
2. Sometimes the pit crew will not let player/AI car leave the pit stop. Happens only in race mode. As a result the car is stuck forever. When the team-mate pulls in for a pit stop later in the race, he will park behind you and wait for his turn to be serviced. Thus the race can never end since the two cars will never cross the finish line. And even if they could, the race is pretty much destroyed anyway.
The only way to continue is to leave by pressing "Esc" and clicking on "Accelerated time", but in this case, you've been obliged to abandon the race. The bug can happen on any track, and on any lap.
3. Sometimes on the track (any motor circuit), when the heat haze is activated, then the car who precedes (or who follows) the player's car disappears. This bug is visible with the camera behind the player's car and when there is some distance between the two cars.
4. Green rev counter leds: Sometimes the green rev counter leds on the steering wheel go out when they should not. It is single leds that go out, not the whole string. It can happen to any of the four green leds, and in any game mode. Seems to happen more often, but is not limited to, when traction control is activated. Has not been observed in AI controlled cars.
5. Marshalls staying on track's side: Sometimes the marshalls forget to leave the track after they have cleaned up an accident. The yellow flag zone does go away but the marshalls continue to stand by the track side for the remaining duration of the race.
6. Damaged car graphics not updated: After a crash that damages the car, then when you are put back into the pits by a marshall or player uses Shift"+"Q", the repair car routine doesn't always work properly. The damage model is updated, but the graphics are not. Hence, the car still looks damaged.
7. Disappearing skid marks: When racing with race distance set to 100 %, suddenly all the trackmarks (the burned rubber from wheelspin and skid marks etc.) disappear; The track is clean again and no new marks are added.
8. Wheel disappearing: Sometimes, while driving or after loosing a wheel and going for a pitstop, one of your wheels disappears. You can still drive as if it was there, but it is not displayed anymore.

2.2 Simergy Ltd fixes
The following bugs have been fixed by Simergy in their latest core technology:
1. AI Cars could leap in the air if they moved off a slip road. The size of the effect would depend on the track.
2. AI cars could veer off the slip road when entering the pits behind a player car.
3. The effect of wing breakage was too small. The effect of understeer or oversteer is now greater and also depends on how badly the wing is damaged and takes into account combinations of simultaneous front and rear damage i.e.
if the front and rear wings are both completely removed then the balance of the car is still relatively neutral (but there is still some aerodynamic down force due to under car ground effect).
4. The performance of the front running AI cars when in 2001 season distribution mode had a slight degradation when compared with the lap times when in "all the same" mode and the spread of lap times across the grid was too big.
Since the "all the same" mode was correct when compared with real lap times, the 2001 season mode has been lifted slightly to remove the degradation and the spread has been corrected.
This affects all levels (rookie to ace). "All the same" mode has NOT been affected!
5. The performance of the player's car is unchanged except that the slipstreaming effect when behind another car has been modified to make it less beneficial.