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Unofficial GP3 Season 2000 carset Download
for & GPxPatch v2.03
Only the Best carset 4 GP3

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Please read the Installation Instructions/FAQ if you have problems with the installation of the downloaded files


Visit the Forum which should cover known Problems or other comments from other users of the Season update

! Important Information about this Carset !

Right now ALL credits for the Cars, Cockpits & Pit crews have to go to Ralph Hummerich. He is the real genius behind the NEW carset. So you might want to leave him a message in his Guestbook, while you are downloading his great work.

Designer List:

Email WWW
Cars & Cockpits Ralph Hummerich http://www.emacf1.com/rh
Pitcrews Ralph Hummerich http://www.emacf1.com/rh
Tires Ralph Hummerich http://www.emacf1.com/rh
Performance Ralph Hummerich http://www.emacf1.com/rh
Helmets Ralph Hummerich
(based on Jan Frischkorn)
http://f1design.de or
http://www.emacf1.com/jf [not offical HP]

[All files part of the EMAC's collection have been authorized by the origin GP3 Designers - EMAC just collects & picks the best 4 GP3 [carset] - all credits go the original designers]

 [Hardware Mode*  [Software Mode*
 File   Size   Date   File   Size   Date 
Cars, Cockpits, Helmets
& Pitmen
season2000HW.zip [2.4MB] 18 Nov 01 season2000SW.zip [1.8MB] 18 Nov 01
The Installer contains all Car's, Helmet's, Pitcrews, Tyres and Performance Data, Team and Driver Names & the original Season 2000 carshape The Installer contains all Car's, Helmet's, Tyres and Performance Data, Team and Driver Names & the original Season 2000 carshape
Requirements [Please READ! + FAQ is available]:
Installation: Selfextracting Installer - Just extract the downloaded file unzip it and start the EXE. When it reports that some files where write protected press "yes" to overwrite them. When all files have been copied a BATCH will be automaticaly executed, which set's the WRITE PROTECTION on the installed files.
Running the Carset: In order to use the car liveries contained in this Package, you must have GPxPatch v2.03 installed on your GP3 Season 2000 Directory. This is a real-time extension for GP3 & GP3 2000 that includes features like a track manager, extending save games, taking screenshots, and more. Check out the details about this great Tool at the GPxPatch HomePage.
You can download GPxPatch from: http://www.xs4all.nl/~rsdi/download.html#gpxpatch

After you have installed GPxPatch v2.03 and this Season 2001 Carset you just can USE the carset by starting the link "Season 2000 (by R.Hummerich)" which could be found on your desktop and in your windows start menu "Grand Prix 3 Season 2000" group.


  1. Run GPxPatch and click on "Arts"-tab
  2. Enable "Season Set" and Disable "Car shape"
  3. Use the folder button to browse to your gpxpdata-directory and select the file "rh2000_season.set". [e.g. C:\Program Files\Games\GrandPrix Season 2000\gpxpdata] The textbox should now show the text: "rh2000_season.set"
  4. Either click "Quit" to return to Windows or click "Start GPx" to start the game.


MenuArts: Just use the ones with comes with the original game

* What Mode do I need ?
You can use the [Hardware] version if you having a 3D Accelerator Card which will by supported by GP3 in any other case you need the [Software] version (then in GP3 Main Menu : Options : Graphics : Render Device just 'Software 3d' appear in the list).