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09/01/02 F1C'99-'02 Season 2007 Trackpack UPDATE (v1.1) by GGSF1 is released. This update include Barcelona 2007 as well as AIW updates for almost all tracks that come with the trackpack.
08/10/27 F1C'99-'02 Season 2007 by GGSF1 is released - get all the Details from the new Season 2007 Download page.
08/02/28 The Forum is back online - please be so kind and read this Post
08/02/26 YES - currenrtly we have a problem with our forum - you will only receive empty pages - I do appologize for that - I hope this can be fixed soon - sorry!
08/02/05 Preview video of Prototype-C at MidOhio [rFactor]
both Projects still WIP status [VideoSize: 640x512] ... [read more]
08/01/01 Wow! we are really getting lazy (no news in 2007 *shame*) - please note we are still alive - but bussy with our private live - most of the new things will be frequently announced in the forum -> go to the Forum
06/08/02 Sorry - no it's not the Expansion Pack for RH05 that will be released today... But I am happy to announce that we can provide an Update for RH05 Trackpack. The China track have been updated by Alexander Kuchmel (aka KAW). Get the Update from the F1xSeries News.
AntiCut Addon for Trackpack v1.1
Are you sick of others players cutting the track? This package provides you with additional anti cut objects for all tracks included in the RH 2005 Trackpack... [read more]

Dear Formula 1 fan - just allow me to use the opportunity to thank you all for your great support. We know you are all waiting for a Season 06 package but please be so kind and look a bit back in time - and how long it took to develop the Season 2005 package. Right now we are working on the finalization of the RH05 Expansionpack but as usual we do not like to announce any kind of release date - it's done when it's done...

06/03/05 the small HOTFIX update for RH05 have been released... [read more]
Also we would like to use the oportunity to remind you allm that it's not allowed to use any stuff from RH05 for any Season 06 update. Please inform yourself in the Forum Thread: "About permission and using any RHxx stuff [General Info]"
If you see any Season 06 updates / websites - please be so kind and help us stoping these leechers and inform us all in the Webmaster Codex Exchange Board.
06/01/18 Important information for Webmaster:
Our website will be hosted at a new URL/Domain. If you have used in the past http://www.emacf1.com to come to our site, NOTHING will change for you.
If you have used http://www.sportplanet.com/emac/ then you HAVE to update your links. All appropriate links & destinations can be found in the "Linking us" Section.