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Season 2007 GGSF1
for F1Challenge '99-'02

Season 2007
[by GGSF1]

Credits -Guillermo Girona (aka GGSF1) want to say 'thanks to all who have helped in the project

  • Cars:
    • McLaren Mercedes: GGSF1 (RenderShadows by Raül0ng0)
    • Renault: Shape by Rom1, modifications by Alles, further modifications and painting by GGSF1 (painting based on Rom1 texture)
    • Ferrari: Koen Calleyl
    • Honda: Mariano & Curro (GP4-Argentina Mod Team)
    • BMW Sauber: Koen Calleyl
    • Toyota: GGSF1
    • Red Bull Racing: MDBSnake & GeZeRe
    • Williams Toyota: Mitsuro Sano & Paolo Capriosa
    • Scuderia Toro Rosso: MDBSnake & GeZeRe
    • Spyker Ferrari: Mariano & Curro (GP4-Argentina Mod Team)
    • Super Aguri Honda: GGSF1
  • LODs: B & C LODs by CoDeX, D LODs by GGSF1, rim LODs from default F1C
  • Tires: GGSF1
  • Rims: stoner
  • Steering Wheels: GGSF1
  • Extra textures (EMAPs, T-Cams, LODs...): GGSF1
  • Helmets:
    • Textures: McLaren, Renault and helmet templates: GGSF1 All other helmets: Raül0ng0
    • Shapes: GGSF1, modified from default F1C shapes
  • Driver Suits: Armos (except BMW, Aguri and Toyota by GGSF1)
  • PitCrew Suits and Pit Textures: From F1C 2002 Season
  • Engine Sounds: From F1C 2002 Season
  • Team and Driver Names Sounds: GGSF1
  • Icons and Menu Backgrounds: F1Fr33k
  • Engine Physics: a12
  • Car Physics: From F1C 2002 Ferrari
  • Driver Talent files (RCD): danil89
  • Track GDB files: norbif1
  • Ingame Process: GGSF1
  • Beta testers: Alonso (saab) & Armos
  • Installer: Matthias Marquardt (EMAC)

Special Thanks to

  • Marc Aarts: nothing in the F1C99-02 modding world would have been possible without his extraordinary work, he created the base of F1C modding with the importers, exporters, MaStudio...
  • Oleg M.: for creating ZModeler, a great tool to import, export and adjust materials to get a correct result ingame.
  • All the FSOne Team because they lend me a lot of material for building the mod, thanks to all GP4 car builders who lend me some cars, to Raül0ng0 for the helmets and locking the files (would have been a pain to lock 50 files per team), and to all others that gave me material for the mod. Thanks to Armos, I worked with him doing some car modifications for him while my PC was broken and I learned a lot doing this, and also he made the Driver Suits when I thought that the Mod would be released with default Driver Suits, and thanks to Alonso, he had the idea of the mod and he had supported me during the whole process of creating.

Downloadable Files

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and much

2007GG 4 F1C99-02 v1.0 BASIC [88.3 MiB] 27 Oct 08
[a splitted pack might follow]
This package adds the actual F1 Season 2007 to the game F1 Challenge '99-'02
  • 2007 Carshapes and Liveries [by GGSF1, Rom1, Koen Calleyl, Mariano & Curro, MDBSnake & GeZeRe, Mitsuro Sano & Paolo Capriosa - additonal work by Raül0ng0, Alles, CoDeX]
  • 2007 Tires and Rims [by GGSF1, stoner]
  • 2007 Helmet Shapes and Textures [by GGSF1, Raül0ng0]
  • 2007 Steering Wheels [by GGSF1]
  • 2007 Engine Physics [by a12]
  • 2007 Driver Suits [by Armos, GGSF1]
  • 2007 Menu Backgrounds and Icons [by F1Fr33k]
  • 2007 Pit Garages [by GGSF1] (Pitcrews still from 2002)
  • 2007 Driver and Team Names Sounds [by GGSF1]
  • Updated Statistics to end of 2007 Season [by danil89, GGSF1]
  • 2007 Point System, Track Order and Team Pit Order [by GGSF1]
Requirements [Please READ!]:
  • No previous UPDATE is required!
  • Additional 115 MB free disk space on the drive where the F1C'99-'02 game is installed.
  • Download the archive from FilePlanet
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Start the Installation by double click on '2007GG_4_F1C99-02.exe'. After you have read the license agreement you have to select the destination directory. Please choose your 'F1 Challenge 99-02' directory (if it's not automatically selected). After all files have been copied to your harddrive (no orginal files will be overwritten) a batch file will be automatically executed. This batch will copy some original season 2002 track files to the new Season07GG directories. Please wait until this copy procedure is completed.
  • After all files have been copied by the Installer you simply can start your F1 Challenge '99-'02 game. When going to the season & car selection a new Season 2007 Icon will be available. By selecting this icon you can choose any Season 2007 car.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: DO not forget to increase your number of AI-Players to 21 in order to simulate the Season 2007 correctly !!!
Help & Support:

more Cars,
more Shapes,
more Helmets,
more Pitcrews,
much more...

WORK IN PROGRESS - will be available later

Track Pack 2007 (based on 2005RH)

2007GG_4_F1C99-02_TRACKPACK_v1.1 [72 MiB] 02 Jan 09
This is a special version of the well known 2005RH Trackpack adjusted to the 2007GG folder structur and file names. It allows you to play all track that come with RH05 in your new installed 2007GG Season. So this package provides you with some of the previous Season (Season 2005, 2004 & 2003) Track updates [all track updates will be installed into your Season 2007GG only (no other Seasons will be touched)]
What it does content:
Spain 2007 by GGSF1/AIW by EMAC (based on barrybumhead's 2004)
Bahrain 2005 barrybumhead & PK / Cam by ethone
Belgium 2005 PK / Cam by Twig

Brazil 2005

Canada 2005 Watcher (based on esci's 2003)
China 2005 (v0.92beta) eaf1.net Modding Lab
enhanced by Alexander Kuchmel (aka KAW)

France 2005

Watcher (based on Ethone's 2003)

Germany 2005

Watcher (based on Tantra's 2003)
Great Britain 2005 Watcher (based on esci's 2003)
Imola 2005 barrybumhead & PK
Australia 2004 barrybumhead

Europe 2004

Watcher & PK (based on Tantra's 2003)

Hungary 2004

PK / Cam by ethone
Italy 2004 Watcher & PK

Japan 2003


Monaco 2003


Special thanks to dimvlaan who was so kind to help me with the pit garages and the starting grid values so that 22 cars will be supported. [I'll keep my fingers crossed, that we have found all places that needed to be adjusted]
Requirements [Please READ!]:
  • You need to have Season 2007 GG BASE v1.0+ installed.
    (no previous track updates are required)
  • Additional 90 MB free disk space on the drive where the F1C'99-'02 game is installed.
  • Just start the '2007GG_4_F1C99-02_TRACK(RH05_BASED).EXE'. Select your F1C99-02 installation directory (if it is not automatically selected already) and press the 'Next' button. After the Installer have copied all files to your HD a batch will be executed that will take care cleaning already existing HAT files.
  • After all files have been copied by the Installer you simply can start your F1 Challenge '99-'02 game. When going to the season & car selection a new Season 2007 Icon will be available.
Help & Support:

Having problems with the DOWNLOAD?

Think about, that almost everybody wants to get this carset asap !

So the website is extremely busy right now - might be, that you have to try it for a while before you can download the files completely.

Normally the average download volume of the website was 5GB a day - so please be patient - and thanks have go to the sponsors of emac's side [they are paying your download]

PLEASE do NOT send us a email, if you have download trouble - the files are there - but it might be, that they are tough to get.

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