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Season 1999 from Ralph Hummerich
for F1Challenge '99-'02

Season 1999 by Ralph Hummerich
packed by Matthias Marquardt [EMAC]

Downloadable Files

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and much
1999RH_4 F1C99-02_v1.0.zip [11.9 MB] 17 Sep 03
This package updates the F1 Season 1999 in the game F1 Challenge '99-'02
    What it does content:
    • all cars of season 1999 including special trackdependant liveries for various tracks like Magny Cours, Silverstone and Spa. (4 different versions for Ferrari, Prost, 3 different versions for McLaren, Williams, BAR, etc.)
    • all driver helmets of season 1999 (except Mika Salo's helmet)
    • season 1999 team icons
    • downshift backfire
    What it does NOT content:
    • - tobacco branded pitcrew and driver suits because of a lack of time.
    • - new carshapes
Requirements [Please READ!]:
  • Additional 160 MB free disk space on the drive where the F1C'99-'02 game is installed.
  • Download the archive from FilePlanet
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • In contrast to our previous F1-200X installations - this Season 2003 addon can be installed in a single step. Start the Installation by double click on '1999RH_4_F1C99-02.exe'. After you have read the license agreement you have to select the destination directory. Please choose your 'F1 Challenge 99-02' directory. After all files have been copied to your harddrive (some orginal files will be overwritten) a batch file will be automatically executed. This batch will perform the REAL update and you have to wait till it has finished his job. Please wait until this update procedure is completed.
    Please Note:
    If you already have installed any Season 1999 updates which are not packed into the MAS-files, you might not see some of the new liveries. Please do not contact us concerning "uninstalling" previous Season 99 updates.
  • After all files have been copied by the Installer you simply can start your F1 Challenge '99-'02 game.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: DO not forget to decrease your number of AI-Players to 21 in order to simulate the Season 1999 correctly !!!
  • Please note, that the NT, NA and other special edition cars are not visible in the car selection spinner - these liveries will be automatically loaded when you drive on the specific tracks [FRA, GB, SPA].

Having problems with the DOWNLOAD?

Think about, that almost everybody wants to get this carset asap !

So the website is extremely busy right now - might be, that you have to try it for a while before you can download the files completely.

Normally the average download volume of the website was 5GB a day - so please be patient - and thanks have go to the sponsors of emac's side [they are paying your download]

PLEASE do NOT send us a email, if you have download trouble - the files are there - but it might be, that they are tough to get.