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Unofficial GP3 Season 2002 carset for

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For your convenience the Files which are necessary for this GP3 carset 2000 update Package are available in different File formats. Beside the single plain ZIP-files compact file formats which are common in the GP3 Community are available - GP3Edit by Steven Young.

!! The Content of these Files is the same - so you DO NOT have to download all these different files !!

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Please read the Installation Instructions if you have problems with the installation of the downloaded files


Visit the Forum which should cover known Problems or other comments from other users of the Season update


Bojan Tarticchio : all car textures
Tijl Deutekom :

Helmets (slighly modified by Ralph Hummerich)

Ralph Hummerich :

all additional inrace-graphics, performance,

Jouko Saarinen : MenuArts (available separately).
Matthias [EMAC] Marquardt : software conversion & packaging

Complete Season 2002 update:
 File   Size   Date 
Names, Performance, Cars, Cockpits, Helmets, Pits and Tires...
[Basic Carset]
EMAC02Basic4GP3Edit [2.2MB] 23 Jul 2002
This Version is for those who does not like to update the carshape of your Grand Prix 3 Game - just install it via GP3Edit as you are used to it from previous versions of EMAC's Carsets.
[You need the GP3Edit (v1.13) from Steven Young to install this file (download)!]
additional MenuArt
[Menu Addon]
02MenuArts4GP3Edit [2.7MB] 02 May 02
from Ralph Hummerich's Co-Author Jouko Saarinen - Jouko's Website http://koti.mbnet.fi/eclipse/ [CLOSED]
[You need the GP3Edit (v1.13) from Steven Young to install this file (download)!]

* What Mode do I need ?
You can use the [Hardware] version if you having a 3D Accelerator Card which will by supported by GP3 in any other case you need the [Software] version (then in GP3 Main Menu : Options : Graphics : Render Device just 'Software 3d' appear in the list).