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EMAC's early days...
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The early beginnings of EMAC Systems
At the beginning there was darkness... Not really :-) I can hardly remember that once upon a time there was a computer called VC64 - manufactured by Commodore.
This amazing "thing" hit my home at Xmas 1984 (as far as I could remember). At this time I had to use a tape to store a "program". Hey I am sure everybody can remember of those times.
I do not know in which year exactly - but the neighbor son Kai and I read in the German C64 Magazine about a contest. The looked for a self written computer game and the price for the winner where 33.333,- DM.
Hey what a tempting offer. So Kai and I sit together and developed the Idea of "Robots Night". Before we started to plot some charts we had to found a Company name (I do not have to mention here, that this took much more time than thinking about the content of the game). So anyhow - we came up with this name EMAC. A shortcut - and it's to embarrassing to say for what these four Letters stand for.
We started the developing of the Game. Kai as the programer had to develop certain tools first. Beside a great sprite editor (which could handle almost every animation) he gave me a "plug in" for Paint Magic. With that plug in I was able to modify the third background color (so a graphic would be saved as 42 Blocks).
Start Scren
The game includes 15 levels, digitalized speech, a two player option and a sound track [composed by M.L. (he does not like to be indexed by search robots - to keep in privacy - his name could be read in the screenshot)]. I just can remember tat we spend a lot of time (summertime) in our dark rooms. Kai was programing and I fight against that VIC - few colors - few pixels. When we started we thought about a mixture between "Mission Impossible" and "Castle of Dr.Creep". Finally we both were satisfied with the result - we did it ! (I do not have to say, that we could not be 100% unbiased.
Game Sceen
That's how all this started. I do not have to say, that there where never announced a winner of the contest. When you like you can download the game with an C64 Emulator from this Site.

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