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EMAC's Short Bio
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artist name: EMAC [read more about the history of this Name :-)]
real name: Matthias (V.) Marquardt
born: 27.12.1970, Rotenburg a.d. Fulda
currently lives: Gütersloh, Germany
education: Applied Computer Science in the Natural Sciences (Diploma) at the University of Bielefeld
occupation: Senior System Developer & Development team lead at D1CS arvato logistic services
was: Application Development at DTS, Herford
Home:  AMD 3000+ 6600 GT
was: AMD XP1800+ / ATI Radeon 8500
2x 233MHz Pentium I/3Dfx (To be able to play GP2 & NFSIII with my Frind Susu)
Office:  850 MHz Pentium III/Matrox G450
Mobile:  900 Mhz Pentium III Notebook with an ATI-Rage Mobile [Compaq Armade E500 with 512MB RAM & 20 GB HD]
design tools: Paintshop Pro & GoLive
sources used: TV, Websites and pictures provided by other designers
driving experience:
real:  since 1989 [1 accident after 3 Weeks (ooops reality sucks!)]
sim:  since REVS of the 64'er (still got some video tapes which showing me in front of this "computer" racing against 15 other Forumla 3 opponents in Brands Hatch or Silverstone)
real car: Polo 1.4 FSI
was: MGF 1.8 vvc
dream car: got it already
[but just to have a "Dream" Car in spare:
Mercedes AMG CLK GTR or have you seen the Nobel M12 GTO?]
other games: GrandPrixLegends [MyRank|AddMe], Nascar Racing Season 2003, Sports Car GT, MidtownMadness II, C&C, Warcraft & Starcraft Series, Need4Speed Series (so in general Driving & RTS)
(and of "course" CounterStrike and Day of Defeat...)
hobbys: Scuba Diving, Karting, MTBiking
other interests: Digital Imaging, Webdesign, Traveling

More pictures of me are on the photo page...