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           Short Bio
artist name: PK
real name: Pascal Krijnen
born: 23.02.1988, Zwolle, The Netherlands
currently lives: Zwolle, The Netherlands
education: I'm in my 1st year studying Management and Law.
occupation: Student
PC: P4 2.0ghz, 512MB Ram, 5900XT
design tools: Zanoza Modeler
sources used: TV, DVD's, websites, magazines
driving experience:
real:  Since I'm not allowed to drive (yet), allmost nothing ;)
sim:  The first F1 game I played was Grand Prix 2, after that many others followed, have been in a few Leagues (F1 2002 and F1c), atm i'm playing F1c and rF.
real car: I don't have my own car
dream car: Ferrari F430, Auston Martin DB9
other games: GTA, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, C&C, Fifa, PES
hobbys: Football, Movies, Music
other interests: Some tv-series, Going out, All kinds of racing series