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Ivo Franics's
           Short Bio
Last update:
1/15/2006 (13:49 CET)
artist name: none
real name: Ivo Franic
born: 16.02.1981, Zagreb Croatia
currently lives: Zagreb. Did live in Australia for 11 years though
education: currently in 4th year of university studying Mechanical Engineering, motors and vehices.
occupation: student
PC: AMD Barton 2500+ @ 2150MHz (10x215), ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, ATi Radeon 128MB 9500 with SoftR9700 mod, Samsung 959NF
design tools: Zanoza Modeler, Photoshop
sources used: TV, websites, any good photos I can find
driving experience:
real:  road cars since '97. Karting, fastest I've driven is a 125cc monster
sim:  since F1GP, competed in GP2 LFRS and F1RC championships. Also elite GPL races
real car: don't have my own
dream car: Ferrari 575 Maranello, 360 or 355. But before them I'd get a Lotus Elise
other games: all sims since F1GP. Currently Nascar 2003, F12002 and mods, LFS, IL2 FB. Also play FPS such as NOLF, Splinter Cell and Americas Army
hobbys: biking, tennis, gym. would like to do karting more often
other interests: Movies, DivX , music, going out