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Fred Gosling's
           Short Bio
artist name: -none-
real name: Fred Gosling
born: 09/11/87, England
currently lives: Hampshire, England
education: Currently studying Maths, Computing and Business at college
occupation: Student
PC: AMD64 3400+ with a Nvidia 6600GT
design tools: Zanoza Modeler
sources used: Usually internet
driving experience:
real:  Plenty of Go-Karting, passed my driving test in april '05
sim:  Like so many, it all started with Grand prix 2 and then carried on with every f1 title since. My favourite is still F1c, I was Alphaf1c season 2 champion and now I drive for Virtual Games in FSR.
real car: '99 Honda Civic
dream car: A Ferrari!
other games: GTA, PGR3, Fifa
hobbys: Music, Movies, Online Gaming, Going out with friends, F1
other interests: BTCC and WRC