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How 2 make a Video ?
Only the Best 4 Grand Prix 3 - EMAC's unofficial Season update Packages

Here is what you are going to need: Step by Step:
  1. Start GP3 with the help of GPxPatch
  2. Make any knind of action you like to "tape" :-)
  3. Pause the game and what the replay
  4. When the Scene starts you like to tape, hold down the screenshot key [F9]
  5. Quit the game and check out the screensots directory of your GPxPatch directory - damm what a lot of files in there :-)
  6. Select your start and end frame and delete the rest before and and after them [but keep the images in the middle :-)]
  7. Now addjust the size of each image with a grafik tool [With Paint Shop Pro: select from the"Image" menu the "Canvas Size" Option - now specify the size: e.g. 320x240 and check the both options "Center Image Horizontally" & "Center Image Vertically"]
    This job is a pain in the ass - but have to be done to get a small video file.
  8. After you have resized all Images start your Animation shop and create a animation of all Images [ensure, that they are in the right order]
  9. Now save the Animation as an AVI-File. [Use the "Save as..." Option from the "File" Menu and select the Filetype "Video for Windows *.AVI". When you are able to select a Codec: Select Microsoft Video 1 - if you could already select Microsoft MPEG4 - select it and skip the convertion with the MediaEncoder] Play arround with the Quality to get a good filesize [the PanisCrash.avi had a filesize of 10 MB]
  10. Start your Windows Media Encoder and convert the AVI to an WMV!
  11. That's it ;-) - You can email me you result to vote@emacf1.com - But be sure, that the ZIPPED file is smaller then 500KB !