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Unofficial GP3 Season 2002 carset Download
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Before you start downloading any 2001 files, please read this information carefully - Thanks. The unofficial Season 2001 update is available in TWO different Versions:

Unfortunately the original gp3 car shape does not look very realistic when it comes to the Season 2002 - so for the hard core simulation fans EMAC provides an additional carset version which comes with an Generic Car shape (developed by Nicola Acciarri). To install the Car shape the CarEditor (v3.3) from Paul Hoad is required (download). The Carset for the generic car shape is only available as GP3Edit-File.

Cause GPxPatch v2.21 is required for running the Season Set AND it makes it SO easy to change a carshape, we are going to support ONLY the generic Season 2002 carshape (developed by Nicola Acciarri).

Original GP3 Season 2000 Addon
GP3 car shape
[go to download]
Generic Season
2002 car shape
[go to download]

So if you have understand the difference you can make your choice, what Version of the Season 2001 carset you want to download.

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of this GP3 Season Package 2002...

Please read the Installation Instructions/FAQ if you have problems with the installation of the downloaded files
! Important Information about EMAC's Carset !
Right now the major credits for the Cars, Cockpits, Pit crews, Performance etc. have to go to Ralph Hummerich. He is the real genius behind the NEW carset. So you might want to leave him a message in his Guestbook, while you are downloading his great work. Ralph has given EMAC the permission, to combine his Carset with the already exiting EMAC's collection of Season 2001 MenuArts & Helmets. [Again Thank You Ralph !]. Here is a details List which part of EMAC's Season Update have been done by which Designer.

Now make your choice:
What version of the Season 2001 you like to download ?

Generic car shape Version only
Generic car shape Version as installer

If you are not sure, which version of the carset you like to download, please read the information at the top of this Page.


Visit the Forum which should cover known Problems or other comments from other users of the Season update