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Unofficial GP3 Season 2001 carset Download
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Before you start downloading any 2001 files, please read this information carefully - Thanks. The unofficial Season 2001 update is available in THREE different Versions:
  • Original GrandPrix III
    • Original GP3 car shape Version
    • Generic car shape Version
  • GrandPrix Season 2000 Addon
    • Generic car shape Version

What does this mean? For those of you, who does not have experience in installing a car shape (or do not mess up their GP3 when playing other seasons) the Carset of the Original GP3 car shape is the best choice. All car liveries fitting 100% to the original car shape which comes with the installation of the original GP3 game. The Carset for the original car shape is available as GP3Edit-File and as seperate JAM's (no Editor needed).

Unfortunately this original car shape does not look very realistic when it comes to the Season 2001 - so for the hard core simulation fans EMAC provides an additional carset version which comes with an Generic Car shape (developed by Ralph Hummerich & Jaap). To install the Car shape the CarEditor (v3.3) from Paul Hoad is required (download). The Carset for the generic car shape is only available as GP3Edit-File.

Cause GPxPatch v2.01 ir required for running the Season Set AND it makes it SO easy to change a carshape, we are going to support ONLY the generic Season 2001 carshape (developed by Ralph Hummerich & Jaap). The number of downloads for the original carshape where so LOW, that the effort of keeping them UP2DATE is not warrantable anymore.

Original GP3 Season 2000 Addon
Original GP3
car shape
Generic Season
2001 car shape
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Generic Season
2001 car shape
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So if you have understand the difference you can make your choice, what Version of the Season 2001 carset you want to download.

Please read the Installation Instructions/FAQ if you have problems with the installation of the downloaded files


Visit the Forum which should cover known Problems or other comments from other users of the Season update