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Unofficial FIA-GT Season 2001 MOD Download
Only the Best for EA's F1-2001

Preview the content of this FIA-GT Season 2001 MOD...

Please NOTE, that all this was DONE by M@D69, TURNER and others
[You could download the complete content in separate files from the website
you simply download the complete content in a "easy to use" installer]

   Files  Size   Date 
FIA-GT_MOD01.zip [5.6MB] You have to download all these 6 files
The Installer contains all Car's, Helmet's, Tyres and Performance Data, Team and Driver Names and MenuArts

The full CREDITS are listed on the FIA-GT MOD preview page.

FIA-GT_MOD02.zip [5.6MB]
FIA-GT_MOD03.zip [5.6MB]
FIA-GT_MOD04.zip [5.6MB]
FIA-GT_MOD05.zip [5.6MB]
FIA-GT_MOD06.zip [5.4MB]
[35MB] 31 Jan 02
Requirements [Please READ!]:
  • Selfextracting Installer - Just extract the downloaded file unzip it and start the EXE. All files will be copied to their appropriate places. After the installation you find a new link with which you can start the FIA-GT MOD for F1-2001 [a recalibration of your video adapter might be required]
  • Please make sure, that you have installed the latest Version of F1 2001 - the update could be get directly from EA's F1 2001 page.
Running the Carset:
  • Please READ the instructions about the 23 opponents in a Chapionship.
  • Right now it's NOT possible to use any Season2001 related Options of F1 2001. [So do not use the option "Season 2001" for StartPosition in a Quick Race]
Known Bug's:
  • There's no a "perfect" collision model. The damage of the cars is similar to the F1 ones, because the cars loose the wheels easily also in some little collision. The collisions algorythms are hard coded inside the game, so the solution of this problem is not in our hands. I suggest to reduce the damage multiplier to a value closer to the minimum.
  • The physics should be considered not closed yet. Check the Turner's site: http://members.rogers.com/nwalkz to be constantly updated about new physics patches.
  • Unfortunately, it seems that the game can manage only 24 cars in the same time. If we discover a way to put a bigger number of cars inside a track, we'll release some other FIA GT cars.

Having problems with the DOWNLOAD?

Think about, that almost everybody wants to get this carset asap !

So the website is extremely busy right now - might be, that you have to try it for a while before you can download the files completely.

Normally the average download volume of the website was 5GB a day - so please be patient - and thanks have go to the sponsors of emac's side [they are paying your download]

PLEASE do NOT send us a email, if you have download trouble - the files are there - but it might be, that they are tough to get.